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Email or Phone Interview

Email Interview

Not many people think of email as a means of interviewing, but it is a great way to get information before even picking up the phone. This can also be useful if there is some important information lacking in the housekeeper’s profile.

Often an email response can help you to quickly see if she or he is the right person for your home.

Phone Interview

The first interview is usually conducted over the phone, and is another opportunity to filter candidates.

The phone call gives you the chance to tell the candidate what kind of help you need, the desired start date, clarify salary expectations, skill requirements like cooking, and any other issues important to you.

Make sure to give a chance for your candidates to talk, so you can form your impression of how suitable they are.

Phone interviews can be very effective because they take much less time than a meeting, but try not to jump to conclusions from a single phone conversation.

With mobile phones especially, you can catch people in moments that are less-than-perfect for an interview. Furthermore, being clear and articulate over the phone is a skill in itself, and if it is not an essential part of the job, you may find yourself rejecting the perfect candidate for all the wrong reasons.

Below is a sample list of questions to ask on a phone interview:

First, describe the help you need. Then ask:

How old are you?

Do you live locally? How long will it take you to travel to my home?

Are you available at the start date?

What are your salary expectations?

If you find that the person does not suit your needs, express your thanks, close the conversation cordially and move on.

But if you are happy with the answers so far, arrange the next meeting face-to-face:

Set a time and date for the personal interview

State which documents you’d like the person to bring:




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