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The Complete Guide to
Hiring a Nanny


We know that hiring a nanny can be complicated and fraught with difficulties. Choosing someone to look after the most treasured of people, your children, is very important to parents, so we’ve laid out a process that is clear and simple. Following all the stages in this process carefully can help prevent many problems and misunderstandings down the road. With the right candidate, you and your family will spend less time stating the obvious to your nanny and spend more time enjoying the benefits of having.

Step 1 - Clarifying your needs

Before you reach the stage of choosing candidates, it’s best to start the process by writing down what you’re looking for.

Step 2 - Find a Nanny or Babysitter

Searching online at is an excellent way to start the process of finding nannies or babysitters in your area.

Step 3 - Email or Phone Interview

The first interview is usually conducted over the phone, and is another opportunity to filter candidates.

Step 4 - Check References

Some people prefer to check references at this stage before meeting the candidate face to face. Profiles at Nanny includes contact details of references.

Step 5 - Personal Interview

The next interview should ideally be at your home, so your candidate can become familiar with the environment.

Step 6 - Working Interview

The purpose of the next face-to-face meeting is to watch how candidate behaves with your family.

Step 7 - Work Agreement

Ultimately, the decision and the responsibility to hire a nanny rest with you.

Step 8 - Orientation

At the time of signing the contract, or at a later date, arrange to meet again to orient your new nanny on how the house works, where things can be found, schedules etc.

Step 9 - Criminal Record Check

At we make your safety our #1 priority!

Step 10 - Nanny Share

Nanny Share provides families the benefits of a nanny at a more feasible cost. Nanny share is a win-win for the nanny and the families who hire her.

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