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Find a Housekeeper

Searching online at is an excellent way to start the process of finding housekeepers in your area. Searching is simple, and allows you to scan a comprehensive database of housekeepers easily and efficiently. The advanced search in Nanny helps filter the results to better suit your needs.

Use the list you created earlier to help narrow your search. For example, enter the number of years’ experience or perhaps your budget allowance to filter the candidates to match your needs.

The profiles of housekeepers, as required by, are thorough, so you can find out a great deal about a candidate even before your first phone call. Use the profiles to screen or filter the housekeepers that best fit your list. The profiles will give you a better understanding of what skills each housekeeper has, and any other information you deem important in your search.

Nanny also makes it easy to manage your shortlists of candidates with our own built-in watch list feature.

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