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Check References

Some people prefer to check references at this stage before meeting the person face to face. Profiles at include contact details of references. Always speak to references personally to get a clearer idea of the caregiver you wish to hire. References should ideally be previous employers, not friends or relatives.

Have a pen and blank paper ready so you can make notes during the phone call. Questions to ask a reference might include:

When did she or he work with your family?

In what capacity? As a companion? Nurse? Home support worker? Running errands?

Did your relative require special medical care? How was that handled?

Was it a live-in position?

Would you recommend this person as a caregiver? Why?

How would you describe his or her character?

What are his or her strengths?

Do you recall any outstanding moments during his or her time with you?

Do you have any criticisms of the work during his or her time with you?

Were there times when you were less than happy with the way he or she worked? Please elaborate.

Once you have received answers, you can decide whether this person still fits your initial picture of your ideal candidate, and if so, proceed to the next stage.

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