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Working interview

The purpose of the next face-to-face meeting is to watch how the candidate behaves when taking care of your loved one. Set a convenient time when you will be at the home of your relative, and again check whether or not you can rely on the applicant to arrive on time.

During the first part of the meeting, let the candidate watch you as you interact with your loved one, observe the dynamic, where things are located, and the overall rhythm of the home.

Then ask the candidate to take over, while you stay to help and watch the way they behave to each other. Check the chemistry between the caregiver and your family, reactions to everyday situations, and try to ask yourself the important questions: Can you leave this person alone with your loved ones? Will it work? Is he or she active or passive? Watch carefully on all levels: emotional and practical, until you are satisfied you have seen everything you need.

Always remember that your presence will have an impact, both on the caregiver and on your family. So after a while, avoid watching overtly, help your candidate feel at ease, and this will help you get a much clearer picture of suitability.

When the meeting is over, pay them for their time and say that you will be in touch.

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